Leather Care

Caring for Leather Handbags:

To guarantee you get the most out of your leather goods, Notepad suggests regular care and maintenance of your product. Utilizing protective gels and sprays will assist to further develope the water resitance of your leather product and can help the leather resist moisture and dirt. Use whenever you feel the leather needs a lift or to make it shine.

Avoid heavy rain and keep away from water. If it gets wet, eliminate any remaining water quickly with paper towels, pack freely with paper and allow the leather to dry normally. Similarly, avoid placing your leather product in direct sunlight or heat for extended periods of time as it can damage the leather and cause the colour to fade and become uneven. 

As leather ages it produces a unique style that no other material can replicate, each bag ages differently giving an individual style that no one else has. Small marks can be polished out with a soft cloth.  Use a leather repair cream and polish gently in circular motions.

Please be conscious that some darker coloured leathers can transfer colour onto lighter coloured fabrics and leave a mark. Dark-colored material dyes (which includes denim) also can transfer onto lighter coloured leathers. Colour transfer in this manner is not protected under the Notepad Leather Care Policy. Please take extra care when using darkish-coloured leather products, as those substances can cause the shade to transfer to lighter-coloured fabric or objects.

Notepad Leathers Goods reserves the right to reject the return of Handbags that have been soiled or misused, so, therefore, disclaiming a refund.

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